Customer Feedback Systems

Customer Feedback Systems

Customer feedback and reviews are one of the most powerful tools you can deploy on your site to drive conversion and build trust with your visitors. When visitors see glowing feedback from real customers, they are more likely to act. In fact, a good review can make the difference between a customer picking you or picking your competitor.

Customer feedback systems needn’t be complicated or expensive to build into your site. The customer feedback system we offer can easily slot into your existing website for you to start reaping the rewards. Easy management combined with a powerful feature set ensures that our system will deliver a positive return on investment.


See the benefits of our customer feedback system:

Reviews at a glance

Monitor your feedback at a glance to see how many new reviews you have awaiting, combined with quick links into the different management options. Reviews are categorised into ‘All’, ‘New’ and ‘Unapproved’ so you can quickly and easily see which reviews need attention.

Easily manage all reviews

View all reviews on a single screen and at a glance see what your average ratings are, when reviews were left and perform mass management options like approval or deletion.

Moderate & approve before publishing

All feedback can be set up so that you have to approve it before being published on your site. This is so you can moderate reviews for bad content and ensure you have total control on what displays on the site. Easily toggle reviews to display on and off at a moments notice and approve the very best to appear more prominently throughout the site.

Demonstrate great customer service

All reviews are editable and updateable. This is so that you can attach your response to any review to demonstrate that you have taken appropriate action and showcase your great customer service for others to see. This also gives you total control on how reviews look, so you can ensure they look great on site.

Generate more clicks in the SERPs

Stand out from your competitors and increase click through by demonstrating customer satisfaction directly in the search results. Our review system uses the latest rich snippet coding, which will make your products stand out on search engine result pages with review ratings prominently displayed. This makes your listings bigger and more attractive which will result in more clicks and potential customers finding your products.


Other Feedback System Features

Automatic reminder emails

The review system comes with automatic email alerts. This will send your customer an email a few days after they have received their order; asking for them to leave feedback. This is indispensible for enticing customers for their opinion and will drive customer feedback growth on your site.

Social integration

Our customer feedback system can be integrated with all your social media profiles. You can link your feedback to display on Facebook or Twitter automatically, showing glowing references off to a wider audience. Customers can also be alerted when their reviews go live so they can check them out and share them socially.

Average scoring and prominent display

Calculated average scores will demonstrate to visitors the value of your products or service. Visitors will be able to see how good you’ve been for a wide range of customers; further increasing trust and enticing conversion.


Customer Feedback on your Site

Good customer feedback will drive sales and business on your site. It leads to more trust which will entice more visitors to convert and ultimately result in more sales and profit. Spiderscope’s customer review system is an excellent fit for all sized sites and will transform your online presence.

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Display Customer Reviews on your Site

Customer reviews act as a powerful incentive when choosing where to buy from or which company to use. Prominently displaying these on your site is extremely important and can transform your conversion rate if applied correctly.

Preventing or Managing Negative Feedback

The Internet has redefined how customers pick and choose which companies they want to buy from. With the proliferation of customer reviews throughout the web, it’s so easy that it has become habitual behaviour for customers to check reviews of companies before they choose to use them.

Increase Customer Reviews

A strong customer feedback profile is essential for your reputation and is often the deciding factor for if a customer chooses you. Many customers are also willing to participate and leave reviews about their experience, but this often requires a prompt.