Google Authorship

One of the great SEO features Google Plus offers to businesses is Google Authorship. Google Authorship is a feature whereby you can verify your identity with Google, ensuring content you write and publish online is attributed to you.

By verifying your identity with Google Authorship you create a very clear distinction in listings between yourself and your everyday search result and will assist in providing a high click-through rate to your website, and there are many other benefits.

Benefits of Google Authorship

  1. A verified Google Author’s content has increased visibility in search results and as you continue to publish quality content, Google takes note and will pass on benefits to you for being a legitimate and useful online resource, which in turn will increase the chances of link rankings.
  2. Attaching an image and your name to the content published online builds a reputation around the individual, and as a result the business, as an industry expert which provides readers and potential customers with a higher level of trust and confidence in your work.
  3. Through Google Authorship you also build an AuthorRank, which is a measurement of how authoritative you are about a specific subject. This measurement is judged based on the uniqueness and relevancy of the content you produce.
  4. Google actively supports Google Authors, providing additional links in search results to visitors who have already read a piece of your content.

Google Authorship Mark-Up

For those who write and post content on different sites, Google Plus offers an easy way to link their profile to such content. To identify the author of a blog or article, Google checks for a connection between a web page and a Google Profile.

Set Up Your Google Plus Profile

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