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Google Plus is a dramatically growing social networking platform launched by Google in 2011. According to Tecmark, as of January 2012 there were 90 million users and they estimate that by the end of 2012 this will rise to 250 million. In order to begin +1'ing content and to view +1'd content, a public Google Profile is required.

Businesses are also utilising the platform and again, according to Tecmark, there are currently 1 million business pages. Like Facebook, you can set up a business page and add posts, photos and videos thus interacting with other people in your social network. However, Google Plus has some extra unique features that distinguish it from other social networking platforms, these include:


Circles allow your contacts to be organised into different groups. This enables your business to share specific information with relevant people. By default, circles are private. 

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts enable group video chat and free video conference calls can be provided for up to 10 people. This is great for business as Google are providing an opportunity for direct business meeting engagement with clients, customers and non-local staff. 


Sparks is like a personalised news service that finds and delivers information according to your interests. 

Google + Button

The +1 button is very much like the Facebook 'like' button. You may have already seen them on websites, or if you have an existing Google account you may have seen it next to Google search results or ads. When you click to +1 a website you are publicly recommending that site or page. You can also use +1 to share with relevant circles within your Google+ profile. Google displays the number of +1’s a site has received, just below its result in the engine. This public recommendation will assist in driving traffic to your site.

Google Plus SEO Benefits

Google is one of the most popular and influential websites in the world, so naturally there will be SEO benefits attached to using their social platform. We have identified the following SEO and online marketing opportunities:

Website Integration

A Google+1 button can be placed on your website or blog. This will enable users to +1 your content and recommend it to those in their circles.

‘Search, Plus Your World’

‘Search Plus Your World’ is an update to Google’s algorithm made in January 2012. The update integrates Google Plus data into searches. So when searching for something on Google, as well as regular search results, related topics and images shared with you from Google Plus will appear as well. The more people you interact with via sharing, the higher your Google Plus story or conversation will rank in the search results.

Audience Segmentation

Through the implementation of Circles,  Google Plus allows businesses to share selected content with specific audiences making it easy for businesses to segment their audiences. This means that only the most relevant content is shared with certain interest groups or followers.

Custom Search Engine Sitelinks

Sitelinks can be added underneath the search engine listing of your  Google Plus profile. Greater prominence can be given to your sites (i.e. website, blog, Twitter etc.) which will assist in driving traffic.

Dofollow Links

From a SEO perspective, one of the most effective Google Plus features is that  Google Plus pages feature the all important dofollow links. This means that links within profiles, or links shared within updates assist in passing page rank from site to site. This is also a factor in improving your website’s search engine ranking.

[Google Authorship Snippet]

Spiderscope Google Plus Services

If you would like to get started on Google Plus, Spiderscope offer a comprehensive set up service. For this there will be a one-time set-up fee and will include:

  • Custom business page creation and set-up 
  • Creation of Google+1 button for company website/blog
  • Creation of custom business URL

Great! I have my Google Plus Profile - What Next?

Moving forward we offer a management service. We can discuss your requirements and depending on your budget can compile a bespoke Google Plus account management package, this may include:

  • Creation of content for posts
  • Updating of posts
  • +1 recommendation of relevant websites
  • Interaction with groups and circles
  • Monthly report

Set Up Your Google Plus Profile

For more information regarding our Google Plus Services then contact us today on 0800 081 1688 to discuss your Google Plus strategy and get your company fully integrated with Google.

Give us the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements.

Freephone: 0800 081 1688 |

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