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Increasing sales from your eBay listings is what every eBay trader wants, but how do you go about increasing your conversion rate? In most cases it isn’t simple.

To achieve a better conversion rate, you need to compare your listings with the competition to undertand why someone is buying from them rather than you, these reasons are often very difficult to spot.

Spiderscope can help. We have in house eBay experts with long experience, analysts who will review your listings and identify the key areas you'll to improve to increase sales.


Identifying Issues Preventing eBay Sales

1. eBay listings aren’t visible enough.

Your listings don’t rank highly enough in search and aren’t being found by many prospective buyers. There can be many reasons for low rankings, but to start with make sure that;

eBay listing titles are well optimised and target appropriate keywords for your products. This is incredibly important. It’s amazing how many listings do not have well optimised titles.

eBay listings aren’t categorised correctly. Ensure your products are in the right eBay categories otherwise you simply won’t rank.

eBay listings lack detailed descriptions. Make sure your listings are packed with information and look good. You need to build trust. A good description will always help your listing rank higher.

These are just a few of the factors that could be hampering your eBay sales performance, there are many more.

2. My eBay listing isn’t building trust.

If you're competitve on price, rank well in search and are see clicks but still not generating sales the most likely cause is a lack of confidence or trust, the solution, obvously is to build that trust with your visitors.

It is hard to genaralise about the issues here but our expert review of your listings will generally establish what’s wrong, the two most common problems are;

Missing or inadequate shipping policy. Make sure you have a fair and detailed shipping policy. Ideally, you should include free shipping wherever possible, this has a big impact on sales.

Missing or inadequate returns and refund policy. Make sure your returns and payment policies are accurate and up to date. This builds trust, it's very important.


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