eBay Stock Synchronisation

Stock and Inventory Synchronisation can be a big problem when you have orders coming from multiple sources. How can you ensure your inventory levels are up to date when you have orders coming from your website, eBay and Amazon when they all use different systems?

This can be a tricky situation for a lot of online retailers. Up to date stock information is a very valuable asset and can really decrease down time while new stock is obtained (thus increasing order opportunities for your products as they never have to display that ‘out of stock’ message!).


Synchronising eBay Stock

Spiderscope can deploy a system that can manage your stock level information and adjust for orders from multiple sources, including eBay. This level of integration means that your stock levels are up to date, in real time; and when deployed will increase efficiency in your operations while also giving a better service to your customers.

If stock control from your eBay orders is a problem for you, then contact us today on 0800 081 1688 and get your stock management solution.


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