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Having a blog gives you an ideal way to promote content on your site, but that's not all it's good for. A well optimised blog can actually help to increase the amount of business your website generates.

Google have said, in no uncertain terms, that websites which are updated frequently are favoured by their algorithm, when compared to those that go untouched for months at a time.


The Benefits of a Blog

Increased Traffic 
A well written blog will help you to improve your organic search visibility, which in turn will help you to increase the number of visitors to your site. Each new blog post that you create is more content for your site, increasing the number of opportunities for your target audience to find you and your site!

Fresh Content
Google likes to see new content, and so do customers. So adding new content to your site regularly, through use of blog posts or other means, will help to improve your search result positioning. It can even help give a boost to your conversion rates, as consumer confidence is increased when they can see your site is alive and well.

Building a Relationship
A blog gives you a platform to create content that people will want to read. If you can attract people to your site using your blog, then you have the chance to build up a relationship with any potential customers. This relationship can result in creating awareness in your brand. People remember who you are, because they remember reading that interesting blog post on your site.

Spiderscope's Blog
Spiderscope's Blog

Target More Keywords
A blog provides you with the ideal platform to target a wide variety of keywords relating to your target market, and help you build appropriate content around them. You can create pages about current trends and events, which will allow you to naturally incorporate these words into your content.

Supports Social Media
Creating your very own high quality blog content gives you the perfect material to share with your followers on social media. As you share these posts, you increase the traffic to your site, which helps to increase the amount of business you receive.


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