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By helping you to dramatically reduce the time between one of your customers asking a question, and you getting back to them with an answer, Live Chat helps to improve customer satisfaction and increase conversion rates!


Benefits of Live Chat

Answer Customers Quickly
Answer the questions your customers have within minutes, rather than hours like conventional contact forms that use email. A quick answer leaves them with a good impression, exactly what you need!

Respond in Real-time
Live Chat is, well... live! That means you can have an actual conversation with your customer to find out exactly what they want to know. Unlike emails, where each reply can be several hours apart, taking days to fully answer a question a customer might have.

Increase Conversion Rates
Sometimes customers need a question answering about a product before they will buy it. Live Chat ensures that their questions are answered quickly, helping to reduce losing customers during the checkout process.

Increase Interaction
Live Chat is favoured by customers. It's easier and less time consuming than calling. This means that customers are actually more likely to ask a question if Live Chat is available, around 10 times more in fact!


How does it look?

The appearance of the Live Chat box is customisable. You can see that Flightcase Warehouse opted for black to match their header, but you can have any colour, so the Live Chat will always match your website.


Our Portfolio

If you like the sound of Live Chat, but you're not sure whether Live Chat will suit your site, you're not alone. Take a look at some of the other sites we've built that use the Live Chat widget, to get an idea of the level of customisation available! We're sure you'll agree that it rarely looks out of place.

Flightcase Warehouse
eCommerce website selling automotive parts online
Eyears Recruitment Agency

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