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Our website shopping cart that will adapt with your responsive site, so that it fits perfectly on all screen sizes. Helping you to reduce cart abandonment rates!

If your website doesn't have a shopping cart, you'll be forced to use a third-party alternative, which is likely to reduce conversion rates.

 You May Also Like Panel

You May Also Like panel

This panel pops up when users add a product to their basket and recommends products that other users purchased with the product added to the basket by the user.

By suggesting similar or related products to customers, you increase the chances that they will make additional purchases, increasing your average order value.

It also has the added effect of helping your customers discover new products they may be interested in, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for, improving their overall shopping experience.

 Cart System Account Options

User accounts & guest login

Allow users to create an account on your website so they can save their shipping and billing information, helping to speed up the checkout process for future purchases.

This also has the added benefit of allowing you to track customer purchases and, provided they consent, give you the option to send out targeted marketing emails to your customers to promote products and offers you think might appeal to them.

Users will have the option to proceed as a guest should they not wish to create an account. Useful if they don't plan on making another purchase in the near future if they're purchasing an item as a gift, for example.

 View basket

View basket

A useful page for customers that allows them to see what's currently in their basket before progressing further in the cart system.

They're able to remove any products they no longer want and adjust quantities for the products they have selected.

This website also has our voucher system, which allows customers to apply any discount codes they have from any of your marketing campaigns.

Finally, we added a delivery cost estimator, so customers can see how much delivery will cost them without having to go all the way through the checkout process.

 Spiderscope Website Cart System - Personal Details

Customer details page

This page can be customised to meet the perticular requirements of your business. From standard information like billing details to more specific requirements if they're needed to fulfil an order.

We have customers who request additional information, such as where they heard about the business, as it helps their marketing team see what strategies are working well, and which ones aren't.

 Spiderscope Website Cart System - Order Summary

Order summary page

The summary page lists out all of the items in the customer's order, including the product name, quantity, and individual cost of each item.

It gives the customer a chance to double check their order before proceeding to payment, helping reduce the likelihood of them ordering something in error which can place a burdon on your staff if they're frequently having to amend placed orders and issues refunds to customers who purchsed the incorrect item or quantity.

The final step on this page is the payment method. Our shopping cart sytem is able to work with third party payment gateways, but works best when combined with a payment gateway built into the website itself. In our experience, users prefer to remain on the website to make the payment, rather than being redirected to another site.

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