Eyears - Manage Shift Workers & Timesheets

We developed a bespoke cross platform app (Android/iOS) for Eyears that helped streamline and significantly reduce the time it took them to process booking sign offs.

The app completely removed the need for paper invoice generation, paper sign off and submissions and also allowed Eyears' temporary workers to easily view their upcoming shifts and a tool to provide Eyears with their availability for work.


What Did Eyears Have Previously?

A paper based system

At the beginning of every shift, Eyears temporary workers were required to print off a paper timesheet. They would then take the paper timesheet to the shift and have their hours inputted and then signed off by the client. In many cases, clients would also need a copy of the timesheet which would be photocopied.

The signed off timesheet would then be scanned and uploaded by the temporary workers via the Eyears website. Eyears would then receive this and then proceed to manually enter the information on the scanned timesheet into their backend management system (Omiga). Omiga would then automatically export the data into their Sage payroll software.

This was a very long winded, time consuming and admin intensive process which could be streamlined and made a lot more convenient for all parties with one of our apps.


What Do Eyears Have Now?

The app is available to download and install via the iOS and Android app stores.



Login & Menu Screens

Temporary workers are required to login to their account. Every temporary worker is assigned a username and password at point of being approved to work by Eyears.

Once securely logged in, they are presented with a menu with various options:



View Bookings

A list of all the temporary workers bookings for the current week with a breakdown of who the booking is for, the date and time it takes place, the location of where the booking takes place and any relevant contact details.



Timesheet Sign Off

The ‘Timesheet Sign Off’ section displays all of the temporary workers shifts that have not yet been signed off. The worker can sign off a shift by clicking on the relevant shift, entering details of any breaks they've had and then have the client enter their signature, all via the app.

When the shift is signed off, the temporary work, the client and Eyears are sent a confirmation email containing the timesheet and signature. The details are also stored in Eyears' backend system (Omiga).

The data can then reviewed by Eyears, clients and the temporary worker on the website, and if neccessary, amendments can be made.



Update Availability

Eyears use the temporary workers availability as a primary factor as to whether they are available to work the booking. Therefore it's important this information is kept up to date. 

A temporary worker can setup their availability for the current week and also 4 weeks in advance by selecting whether they can work AM/PM or the entire day.



Request Wage Slips

A temporary worker can request a particular wage slip by using the Request Wage Slip form in the app. This will send a request directly to an Eyears manager.

Request P45

A temporary worker can request a a copy of their P45 by using the Request P45 form provided in the app. This will send a request directly to an Eyears manager.

Overall, our app has streamlined the entire experience and drastically cut down the time it takes for Eyears and their temporary workers to process their timesheets.


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