Cloud Scan, an Integrated QR Code Generation and Ticket Scanning App

This integrated system will automatically add a custom QR code to your tickets then board customers using our customised scanning app.

Super simple and easy use, specialised website code generates and assigns a unique ‘QR’ code to every ticket, customers download and print their own tickets or save them to their phone, you scan the tickets with your phone to check them in

Why not give it a go? All you need to do is download the Cloud Scan app, login, select your location and event and off you go, just scan the QR code, the app does the rest for you (view the app system as a slide show).


Loading Screen

Login Screen

List of Locations


It connects via the phone system to your website (no WIFI required), checks the validity of the ticket, marks the passenger or party as boarded and indicates clearly to you that all is well.


List of Events

Event Info

Event - Ticket Scanning in Progress


A real time count of boarded passengers is shown on screen, a link to a list of missing passengers, showing their contact number is available at all times.


Event - Ticket Found

Event - Ticket Admitted

Event - List of Pending Tickets


Quick, Simple and Cost Effective. Another great solution from Spiderscope.


Sample Tickets (single entry, group entry and invalid code)

Here are three sample or test tickets for you to try (click the ticket to display on its own page and print, or scan off screen). Feel free to download the app for yourself and give it a try, just fill in the quick form below and we'll send you a trial login.


Request Login Details

We will email you straight back with your login details for the app.

All data will be stored in accordance with our privacy policy.


Single Ticket

Single Ticket


Multiple Ticket

Multiple Ticket


Invalid Ticket

Invalid Ticket

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