BILCS - Booking System for Interpreters

As part of the NHS, BILCS provide language, communication and interpreting support in more than 100 languages. They process thousands of bookings each month and wanted to streamline the process between themselves and the interpreter.

We developed a bespoke cross platform app (Android/iOS) for BILCS to help their interpreters view and manage their bookings better.

The app allows interpreters to:

  • View your upcoming all bookings in a list and map view.
  • Booking request notifications.
  • Accept or Reject assigned bookings.
  • Share your location with BILCS for short notice bookings.

What Did BILCS Have Previously?

For every booking on the system, BILCS are required to source an interpreter to fufill the booking. This can be a complicated and lengthy process and it requires good communication between themselves and the interpreter to confirm that the interpreter is available to do the booking and whether they will actually do the booking.

At the moment, the majority of the communication is done by sending automated emails out via the BILCS portal system. The biggest downside of usging emails as the primary soruce of communication is the length of time it takes for interpreters to respond, since they would have to periodically check their emails multiple times during the day.

This would prove even more problematic when BILCS needed to fufill a booking at short notice. When dealing with short notice bookings, BILCS did not know if an interpreter was close (geographically) to the appointment location. Since they have a very short turn around to source an interpreter who can physically get to the appointment location, it meant that their only option was to send booking requests to multiple interpreters, wait for the response and hope they were close. This whole process can be very inefficient and a huge time sink for the BILCS staff.


What Do BILCS Have Now?

The app is available to download and install via the iOS and Android app stores.



Login & Menu Screens

Interpreters are required to login to their account. Every interpeter is automatically provided an account with a username and password once approved to work by BILCS.

Once securely logged in, they are presented with a menu with various options:



View Bookings

Interpreters can a view a list of all their scheduled bookings and all the neccessary details of the appointment location, the date and time and the language they are interpreting. 



Instantly Accept/Reject Bookings

Interpreters are now notified instantly in real time when they receive a booking request. This allows interpreters to respond quickly instead of having to regularly check their email inbox multiple times throughout the day. This has helped BILCS to to save time by managing their bookings quicker.



Real Time Location

Whilst the app is active and with the interpreters permission, they can share their location with BILCS. When BILCS attempt to fufill short notice bookings where it's crtical for an interpreter to be sourced as soon as possible, BILCS can use the interpreters location information to select the right interpreters that are close to the appointments location.



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