Remote Utilities Management Application

Admin Parks

Admin Parks.

When you log in using an admin account, this is the screen you will see.

The dashboard gives you an overview of your parks; including some basic total data from the plots within each park.

Also gives you links to access/manage users, invoices, payments, checks, tariffs and add an additional.


Admin Plots

Admin Plots.

You are able to set up multiple plots within each park, all of which can be viewed in one place using this page.

Provides an overview of basic data from each plot; Name, balance, customer, estimated credit expiry, utility frequency and status.

Data can be quickly and easily imported/exported using CSVs.

You are also able to add/edit plots from this screen.


Admin Plot Details

Admin Plot Details.

In-depth details of an individual plot.

Ability to send balance reminders to the email registered to the plot with simply by clicking a button.

Easily add credit to the account and calculate the cost of usage for a given period.

You are also able to add internal notes that will appear in the plot’s activity log.


Admin Plot Activity Log

Admin Plot Activity Log.

An activity log that tracks all actions related to the selected plot, and the date these actions took place.

You can filter these actions by type and by date and also export the log to a CSV file.

Read only.


Admin Plot Change Log

Admin Plot Change Log.

This screen shows you a history of changes made to an account, when these changes were made and by who.


Admin Plot Add Credit

Admin Plot Add Credit.

Allows you to add credit to a plot.


Admin Plot Charge Frequency

Admin Plot Charge Frequency.

Allows you to configure a plot’s charge frequency (daily or annually) and the amount charged.

You can also enable automatic account crediting via direct debit if required.


Admin Plot Update Readings

Admin Plot Update Readings.

Simple interface to allow you to update balances with new gas, electricity and water readings and record the date these readings were taken.


Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard.
Customer Dashboard.

When a customer logs into their account, these are the screens they will see.

They give the customer an overview of their account balance, personal details and usages.

The dashboard also allows them to make payments and update their details.


Customer Payment

Customer Payment.
Customer Payment.

These payment screens allow customers to edit their billing details, add credit to their account, and set up automatic payments.

Payments can be set up to use any number of payment gateways.


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