AWR System

The Omiga system, our staffing recruitment software, offers an extremely comprehensive and easy to use solution for Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). If you're interested in the full version of Omiga, please take a look at our recruitment system page.

However, if you just need the AWR system, then we offer a stand alone version that we can run from its own domain, or from a subdomain of your exsiting site if you'd prefer.

 Our AWR System Tracks Hours Worked

AWR System - Tracks hours worked

Efficiently monitor and manage worker's hours with an AWR system.

Our system enables accurate tracking of hours worked by agency workers, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and fair treatment.

With an AWR system, you can effectively record and analyse worker hours, facilitating proper payment and entitlements. Letting you know at a glance whether or not they are eligible for any of your clients.

Stay in control of your workforce and maintain transparency by implementing an AWR system for precise and reliable tracking of worker hours.

 AWR Email Notifications

AWR System - Automatic notifications

Stay informed and in control with automatic notifications from your AWR system.

Our agency workers regulation system sends real-time alerts and updates to keep you updated on important information regarding agency workers.

Whether it's notifying you about upcoming shifts or compliance requirements, automatic notifications ensure that you never miss a critical deadline or overlook any essential details.

Streamline your processes, improve efficiency, and proactively address any issues, ultimately ensuring seamless operations and compliance with AWR guidelines.

 Keep track of AWR benefits

AWR System - Keep track of benefits

Effortlessly keep track of benefits your clients offer with an Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) system.

system simplifies the management of benefits for agency workers, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and promoting fair treatment.

You need to keep this on record and our system keeps these details safe, secure and on record.

Enhance transparency, mitigate errors, and foster a positive working relationship by utilising an AWR system to effectively track and manage benefits for your agency workforce.

 Keep your data secure

AWR System - Data security

You need to keep this on record and our system keeps these details safe, secure and on record. For this we recommend installing an SSL on the domain your AWR system sits. 

It will be hosted on our own dedicated server which is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified. It's set up to automatically take daily backups to a server in a separate data centre, to ensure minimal data is lost in the unlikely event something goes wrong.

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