Why Open an eBay Shop?

Selling on eBay opens your business up to a huge market of potential buyers and can be an extremely quick and effective way of increasing sales and exposure. There are many ways to sell on eBay with a myriad of tools available; but what about eBay shops?

eBay shops are your store front on eBay. Buying on eBay can be impersonal at times and bland, which can make it difficult for your brand or products to stick out. eBay shops are an effective way of distinguishing yourself from the competition and bringing your brand to eBay.


Branded eBay Shops

Your store front on eBay can be personalised, branded and made unique when you join the shop programme. It’s easy to then apply this branding throughout to your product listings and then deliver a completely unique shopping experience through eBay. Visitors will instantly be able to recognise your products simply by seeing your brand above the normal eBay templates.

This gives sellers using shops a unique advantage over their competition. In addition, eBay shops will also include a wide range of benefits to help you sell:

Automate repetitive tasks with bulk editing

Get special access to marketing features, such as Cross-Promotions on Item pages

Trigger repeat buying with Shops Promotional Flyers and Email Marketing

Customise Up To 300 Categories

Economically list for longer durations


Why open an eBay shop?

Opening an eBay shop will take your sales to the next level. 75% of sellers have said that opening a shop improved their sales. It’s simple. A shop gives you a more professional image, enhances your brand and makes your products stick out – all of which will encourage and build trust in the buyer; resulting in more sales.


eBay Shop Design

Why open an eBay Shop?

One of the most unique elements of opening an eBay shop is the ability to create and use your own design on pages and listings. Don’t waste this! This is your chance to stick out from the competition and professionalise your products.

Recently, we have worked hard to design new shop layouts for our customers. The design on the right is a recent build for The Stopwatch Shop.

We have been designing and building eBay shops for a wide range of customers. Our expertise in this area has led to the transformation of many eBay sellers; turning them into truly professional shops.

Likewise, we have opened new sales channels for established eCommerce sites by bringing their brand to eBay. With our easy integration tools, it’s simple to start professionally selling on eBay and double your sales.


Should you open an eBay shop?

The simple answer is yes. If you’re serious about selling on eBay, opening a shop is the way to go and will expand your sales. You can deliver a more professional, branded experience that will really improve your sales.

We have our own in house team of designers who can build you a custom eBay shop design based on your own requirements. Take a look at our eBay store design page to find out more, or you can fill out the contact form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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