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What is Natural Link Building?

We know that links are important and form part of Google’s ranking algorithm, but what are natural links and how can you use them to increase your websites position in Google?

What is a Natural Link?

Natural links are links which relate to your business, they are built from bloggers, images, products, reviews etc. These sources link to your website because they find your content useful to their users and believe it will add value to their website.

How do I Build Natural Links?

There’s no easy way to build natural links, it is all about creating great content your visitors find useful, this content will then naturally generate additional links. 

Avoiding Bad Links

Avoiding bad links is also important part of building a natural link profile; the responsibility of the link profile is on the website owner, even if spam sites are linking to you! So make sure you avoid any bad links to your site, these types of links include:

Your SEO team will be able to evaluate the links going to your site and remove any unwanted links, if you need any further help or support give our team our call on 01827 373564 or fill in our contact form below.


Posted by: Amy Harding on September 29th, 2017 @ 3:02 PM

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