Unique Tips for Small Businesses using Social Media – Increase interaction with these simple steps.

In 2014 it goes without saying that Social Media is becoming an increasingly popular outlet for small businesses trying to connect with their target audience and generate revenue.

I often come across social media pages that were set up with the best intentions but after failing to attract new followers and online activity, are just left to perish. Some of the most common problems I come across when reviewing unsuccessful social media activity are as follows:

-Not Being Social
It’s called social media for a reason! I believe that ‘Liking’ or ‘Retweeting’ somebody’s content is often far more likely to grab their attention then posting details of your services/products. Look for your potential customers and take an interest in what they are doing and they will take an interest in you.

-Adding Zero Value
What you have to consider when using social media is how you are adding value to your content in order to attract online activity. For example, you may have clicked on this blog to learn about social media, the title is offering ‘Tips for small businesses’, so it’s likely you have clicked this post to gain further knowledge of social media. I have offered you something by visiting our website and in this case it’s knowledge.

This type of mindset is not just limited to Social Media

Here at Spiderscope we also specialise in SEO website optimisation. In recent years we have observed that Google has started to favour informative content on its search results. For example, today I typed ‘buy a new TV’ into Google.


As you can see above, Google’s first page has returned results full of ‘buying guides’ and ‘what TV should you buy?’ articles. You will notice however, these ‘buyers guides’ are being offered by major retailers such as Tesco, Currys and John Lewis.

So what’s happening here?

Google is engineered to return results with the highest relevance possible. Google themselves are very aware that today’s user is looking for information rich content when it comes to products and services. Google has delivered me content that offers extra value as it will help me establish what TV I’m looking for. Large retailers like Tesco and Currys have had no choice but to respond to this algorithm and rather than setting up pages such as ‘25% off our incredible TV’s’ they have set up pages that can offer the user more than just a choice of TV’s at great prices, the added value here is the user gets to establish what TV best suits their needs and from here they are directed to in-store products. 

In Conclusion

We can learn a lot from Google when it comes to Social Media as it gives a great example of what your customers are likely to be looking for and you shouldn’t ignore it. Social Media is saturated with advertisements and marketing, in order to stand out from the crowd you need to follow these 5 important steps.

      1.      Establish Audience/Target Market
2.      Be Social
3.      Pick Topics Relevant to Audience/Target Market
4.      Offer Information With Added Value
5.      Be Social

Follow these steps and you should begin to see an increase in interaction on your social media pages which will ultimately begin to generate traffic and attention to your services/products.

Good luck!

David Jackson – Internet Marketing Consultant.

Here are Spiderscope we offer a Facebook for BusinessTwitter for Business and a YouTube Marketing service. If you would like to discuss the above points in more detail or you feel you need some professional help with your social media avenues, feel free to contact Spiderscope today on 03330 220 990 or by filling our enquiry form out on the contact us page.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Aug 28th 2014 @ 4:31 PM


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