Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations - Part 1

Agency Workers Regulations Part 1: Tracking your Workers

We have extensive experience developing and supplying online management systems for both agencies and recruiters. To comply with the AWR we have revised and upgraded our online recruitment management system. The upgrade covers all the areas of the AWR regulations that are relevant to agencies, making them a breeze to manage.

This series of blog posts details how our systems can benefit you and make management of these regulations much easier.


How does the AWR affect Agencies?

The new Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) come into effect on the 1st Jan 2012, and many agencies will need to record extra data and information on temporary workers. The AWR is a big change and will have a significant impact on how agencies operate.

In essence, the AWR is designed to ensure that temporary workers receive the same benefits and allowances as employees after working for a period of twelve weeks (in the UK). So, if any temporary worker has worked at the same company, in the same position for twelve weeks, they become entitled to the same benefits as regular employees.

It is a little more complicated than this, but a full explanation of the AWR is outside the scope of this article.


Recruitment Agencies now need to record more accurate information on their workers

What effects will the AWR have on agencies, their operations and their IT systems? The onus will be on the agency to monitor and record relevant information, this may require significant changes to systems and working practices. For example:

You must track how long each worker has worked with each employer

Your system must now indicate when a worker qualifies for benefits

You have to alert your client when a worker qualifies

You have to keep a record of your clients benefits so you know what your worker can expect when they qualify


An agency must now monitor a lot more information and the means to record and retrieve this data may not be available in legacy systems. Accurate data recording is essential to ensure you comply with the law.


Tracking Temporary Workers

Probably the most complex part of the AWR is determining when a worker qualifies for benefits. As any agency will tell you, the AWR qualification rules are complicated. But, your worker will qualify if:

The worker has worked in the same role in the same company for twelve weeks within any 18 month period

A break between employments at one employer is no greater than six weeks

The twelve week qualifying period is paused for sick leave / holiday


This can lead to some complex situations that will be very difficult to track manually to find out when works qualify. Many recruitment systems will not record the correct information required to do so, making this even harder to determine.

Our management system has been re-designed around the AWR, ensuring that any combination of qualifying criteria is recorded and easy to monitor. See below:

Preparing for the New Agency Worker Regulations – Part 1: Tracking your Workers
AWR Screen Shot

The above is a snapshot of the AWR management screen for our system. At a glance, you can clearly see worker status and benefit eligibility, what companies they may be approaching qualification for and one’s where they’re not close. The system automates this tracking making it extremely easy for you to manage.


Coming up in Part 2

This is only the first part of what’s required by the AWR for agencies. In the next post, we’ll detail how our system can alert your clients that workers now qualify. This is a legal requirement of the Agency Workers Regulations, so it’s important you have a reliable and complete alert system in place.




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