Optimised Adwords Landing Pages for Improved Quality Score

Google Adwords was recently updated to place a greater importance on your landing page when calculating quality score. This was rolled out worldwide at the beginning of October, meaning that your existing campaigns are all currently being affected by this. Have you checked to ensure your quality scores are still as good as they were?


How to Improve Your Quality Score

Your quality score is calculated from a myriad of factors, with the main ones being Clickthrough Rate (CTR), Relevance and Landing Page Quality. There a more factors than just these, but focusing on improving all three of these will have the best effect on your Quality Score.

This recent update has placed further importance on the quality of your landing page. Therefore, for a high quality score, you should be looking to have:

  1. A good keyword that is relevant to your audience.
    Being as targeted as possible with your keywords is usually a good way to start and ensure you’re appearing in relevant searches.
  2. A well targeted ad that is as relevant as possible to your keyword.
    Ensuring your ad is a tight match to your keyword will increase the likeliness of clickthrough, resulting in a higher CTR.
  3. A quality landing page that is also closely associated with the target keyword.
    Finally, delivering visitors to a close match and useful landing page is what this update has focused on and will improve your quality score.

You can see here how all three factors combine to make up the quality score. A well picked keyword next to a well placed and keyword targeted ad will ensure you have good CTR and Relevance. Further, a then well targeted landing page that uses your keyword throughout will help with the third point, keeping your QS high.


Landing Page Examples

Here, we have built our own Google Adwords campaign with the above in mind. By segmenting our keywords, we can present targeted ads that lead to targeted landing pages. For example:

Landing Page Keywords
Google Optimisation 'google optimization' & 'google website optimisation'
Website Analysis 'website analysis'
Website Design Optimisation 'optimise your website' & 'website design optimisation'
Website Marketing 'website marketing'
Website Optimisation 'website optimisation services'

This is just an example of how to segment your keywords into targeted landing pages. You can clearly see how tight the landing page is to the keyword, which is good for our Quality Score. From here, we can easily measure the performance, effectiveness and how successful each landing page is. From this point on, it’s just a matter of applying further optimising until you receive the results you desire.


Improve the Performance of your Adwords Today

You can clearly see that targeted landing pages are important not just for your Quality Score, but also your results. Improve your Adwords campaign today by contacting Spiderscope on 0800 081 1688 or see our Optimised Google Ad Campaign page.

Posted by: Spiderscope on December 9th, 2011 @ 10:46 AM


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