Online Sales Increase from Optimised Shopping Cart

If you’re selling online, then it’s probably fair to say you’re interested in increasing your online sales. Everyone is, right? It’s amazing though, that while everyone wants to achieve this goal, they’re not willing to look at (or are unaware of) the details which prevent orders and cost sales.

Many of our customers rightly assume that the way to increase sales is to increase the amount of traffic a site receives. Of course this is a valid method to achieving more sales; however, often times you can see quicker sales increases by looking closer to home.

Obviously, there is a lot to ensuring your site is performing optimally for sales, spanning a wide range of areas that are too much to cover in any single blog post. But the one thing every eCommerce site has in common that affects sales is the major barrier to entry: the shopping cart.


Common shopping cart issues that prevent sales

There are many different shopping cart implementations and software around. Many of the customers that we help day in day out, use custom designed shopping carts. There’s nothing wrong with a custom designed shopping cart, but we often find these aren’t optimised to provide an optimal customer experience.

In the past we have helped our customers increase sales simply by making small adjustments to their shopping carts to enhance the user experience. For example, we have come across shopping carts that:

  • Alert users with scary (system error lookalike) pop ups when performing actions such as adding an item to the basket or checking out.

  • Switch between designs, layouts or templates on each step of the checkout process.

  • Provide extremely unhelpful validation messages when user input is wrong.

  • Require full user registration before placing an order. Handled correctly, this is fine. But it’s not when you require a full range of unrelated details and then require users to click links in emails and log in manually before an order can be placed.

These are just some common issues that we have come across when optimising shopping carts. But sometimes, a shopping cart is so bad that it is just better to start from scratch.

This is why we have spent time developing our improved shopping cart system that places emphasis on user experience in a way that enhances and increases the chances of making a sale.


Increasing sales with an optimised shopping cart

Our shopping cart uses a modular design which ensures that it can fit and work with a wide range of eCommerce websites. While it would be best to have a full system that manages your products and site, this isn’t needed for our shopping cart and one of the core features is that it can stand alone.

We’ve used our experience to create a checkout that delivers a fantastic user experience, meaning that you’ll no longer lose sales because of a long or complicated checkout procedure.

Online Sales Increase from Optimised Shopping Cart


Features of an optimised shopping cart

  • An up to date, professional cart design that establishes trust and impresses your customers. Ensuring your cart looks professional goes a long way to improving sales. If your cart looks like it was designed in 1995, then it will cause your potential customers to start asking questions.

  • Step by step navigation to guide the user through the checkout. This gives the user a clear indication of what step they’re on and how long the process will be. Customers can easily navigate back and forward to amend or update their orders.

  • Optimised data requirements. Our checkout can be configured to ask for only the required details to complete an order. These days customers don’t want to fill out huge forms, so making sure the data you’re collecting is streamlined will go along way.

  • By default, our cart is configured to only ask for a billing address with an extra checkbox to add a different delivery address. This means there are less forms on the page, which gives the impression of a quicker checkout.


Can I really increase sales with an optimised shopping cart?

Yes. Of course the shopping cart is only a single part of increasing online sales; however, we have found time and again that ensuring your cart is optimised and user friendly can have a dramatic effect on increasing your sales.

If you’re an eCommerce site owner and think that your checkout could be optimised, then please contact us. Even if your site has an already existing shopping cart, we’re sure that we can help generate more sales from your existing traffic. Contact us today on 03330 220 990 to discuss how we can deliver more sales for you.

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