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New Website Design

Compomotive Wheels came to us looking for a redesign of their existing site. We had previously designed their site back in 2007 – so safe to say the design was pretty old and needed a refresh!

They were looking for a new design that reflected modern web trends, showcased their products and provided ease of use for their visitors. Behind this, they also needed a powerful content management system to manage their site independently and update pages, products and images whenever they liked.

We were able to provide all of these things and the end result speaks for itself. See below or visit the sit eyourself at www.comp.co.uk.


A New Website Design

Here, we can compare the old design to the new to instantly see how we’ve completely refreshed their online image:

Old 2007 Design

New Website Design Components Auto

The old 2007 design.


New 2012 Design

New Website Design Components Auto

A brand new 2012 website design.

The new design features:

These are just some of the improvements we’ve made in the new design. The site is modern, fresh and a pleasure to browse and really does show off Compomotive’s product range for the visitor.


Website Management with our Content Management System

New Website Design Components Auto

The new website sports an up to date, SEO friendly Content Management System. This is our custom developed system that offers total control over all aspects of the site. Its modular nature allows for us to build in only the features that Compomotive will need to manage the site.

For example, there are different features for adding content pages, product pages and gallery images. All easily managed through the CMS, this allows Compomotive to update the site whenever they wish.

Combined with a powerful SEO toolset for complete customisability of all things like Titles, Headings, Meta tags, and URLs; this means that the site is ready for all technical, on page SEO.


What do Compomotive Think of their New Website Design?

"The new site looks great and I cannot wait to see it up an running!"
Barry Dixon, Components Auto


Get a New Website Design Today

Are you looking to improve your website’s look and feel? We have expert web designers that will deliver a bespoke design just for you. We don’t use templates and all designs are manually crafted by our expert designers.

Contact us today on 0800 081 1688 to discuss your requirements, or see our page on web design.


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April 5th, 2012 @ 1:35 PM Anton Koekemoer

Looks excellent - It looks even better compared to their old site. Well done to you and your team. Great to know you don't use templates - It makes for a look much more powerful and offers a much bigger potential for a better user experience. Thanks for sharing.

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