Mobile Website Design & Optimisation

With the increase in mobile technology there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people searching the web on their phones. Phones like the iPhone even allow for applications that direct you straight to a company’s mobile website

This growing trend has encouraged internet sites to adapt their websites to be mobile phone friendly. Most websites have been built to be viewed on different size monitors and different internet browsers but customers have failed to consider what the site would look like on a cell phone screen.

Check out how your website looks on an iPhone with our website for iPhone demo.


Mobile Website Design

The creation of the iPhone and other high-tech mobile phones has paved the way for internet companies to redevelop sites to suit the new standards. New technology is constantly arising (like the new tablets such as iPad from apple) which is going to make internet browsing more accessible all over the world. By making your website adaptable to this new technology you are increasing the chances of users visiting your site and the possibility of conversion.


Ensure your site is designed and optimised for mobile devices

This is where Spiderscope comes in to play. We can provide your current site with the appropriate code it needs to be mobile ready. This new code will detect requests as they come in from mobile users and to respond back with webpage to suit.

Spiderscope has developed specialised, mobile website designs perfectly suited to the iPhone and smartphones such as the Nexus One. If your site doesn’t lend well to mobile browsing you will be loosing out on a large potential market of customers as this market continues to grow.


Benefits of making your site Mobile Friendly

  • Makes navigation easier for users
  • Allows you to target key information to show to the users
  • Increases the chances of people visiting the site, even on the go.
  • More chance for conversion
  • Greater exposure

Contact Spiderscope to get your website ready for mobile browsing and purchasing today, or read more about our websites for iPhone or websites for smart phone. Don’t be left behind!!

Posted by: Spiderscope on Nov 8th 2010 @ 3:42 PM


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