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Mobile Ready Websites Just Got All The More Important

Google: "If your website looks bad in mobile, now is the time to fix that"

In October, Google’s Head of Webspam Matt Cutts gave an eye opening key note speech at an annual SEO Conference held in Las Vegas.

Among a number of potential Google updates Cutts spoke in length about Smartphones and their continued importance from both a consumer and business perspective., "If your website looks bad in mobile, now is the time to fix that."

It is now clear from Cutts’ speech that sites that are not mobile-friendly will begin to see a negative impact on their rankings in mobile search results, which will reflect in your monthly statistics and ultimately conversions.


Mobile Traffic Increases

It was reported in August that so far in 2013, 17.4% of web traffic came through mobile devices globally, excluding tablets. The SEO industry continues to look at YouTube to spot mobile trends; in 2011 YouTube had 6% traffic from mobile, this rose to 25% in 2012 and so far in 2013 this number has increased to 40% of all traffic from mobile phones.

The fact is, people are using their mobile phone more and more to browse and buy online. We’ve progressed from a period where sites not optimised for mobile could get away with it due to Smartphone technology, to a period where Google is now setting its own guidelines that we must take note of.


What are your options?

You may have already been thinking about adapting your site for mobile and there are a few different options you have.

Static Mobile Sites

A static mobile site is an entirely separate website, (you may have used one yourself, they usually follow a trend of m.yoursite.com or mobile.yoursite.com), these sites are built in a mobile framework and are designed to provide users with a stand alone optimised Smartphone website. The logistics are simple; users attempting to access your website through mobile devices will be automatically directed to your mobile site.

Static Mobile Sites allow for a complete redesign or rebrand of your existing site. It has its own separate code and URL and allows you to essentially pick and choose what elements of your site appear on the mobile version, highlighting certain features and removing others, this way your website can truly become customised for a mobile experience.

Responsive Mobile Site

A responsive website has responsive code built in to the usual desktop website that allows complete fluidity and scaling which adjusts the user’s browser window - i.e. the website will adjust and scale itself across a range of devices; desktop, mobile and tablet, to ensure the user gets the best experience.

They differ from Static Mobile Sites in that they have just one URL, which makes the website significantly easier to maintain. Responsive websites eliminate the need for a separate website, which makes it easier for users to share and link to your site.

Responsive websites generally function better with simple websites with fewer interactive components, i.e. video, galleries and other media. While you want your site to be mobile ready, the choice between Static and Responsive is an important one. On one hand having just one responsive web site is handy, but on the other hand if your site is very interactive, having to exclude the majority of your interactive elements may harm the user experience of your site, in which case your site isn’t truly optimised for mobile.


How do I become mobile-ready?

If you’re ready to optimise your site for mobile then contact us today. We can thoroughly analyse your mobile traffic and gauge how effective your site is for these visitors. We can also discuss which framework you would most benefit from, to ensure you site displays correctly on mobile devices and optimise your checkout process to deliver an optimum and consistent user experience throughout.


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