Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations - Part 3

Agency Workers Regulations Part 3: Recording Client Benefits

In Part 2: Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations: Alerting Your Clients, we discussed how you not only need to record when a worker qualifies for the AWR, but also how you must alert your clients when they do. It's an important step that our Omiga system makes easy, ensuring your agency adheres strictly to the AWR.

In the final part of our series on the Agency Worker’s Regulations, we will discuss the last part that agencies are responsible for: recording the benefits that your worker will become eligible for.


Recording client benefits for your workers

The AWR stipulates that it is the responsibility of the agency to know which benefits that their worker will qualify for. The agency therefore needs to contact the client and request this information to keep on record. This is a big undertaking, so you need a system that handles this effectively.

Traditionally, this would be handled by sending out paper forms for your clients to complete. This is a long, slow and arduous process that is managed far more efficiently with Omiga.

Using Omiga, you can send out a simple email with a link to your form for your clients to complete online. This will allow you to contact as many clients as you want at any one time and encourage them to complete this form quickly online – ensuring you get your form completed quicker whilst making it easier for clients.


Easily manage your benefits tracking

By recording your client benefits online using Omiga, you will also see a number of other benefits, including:

Able to send requests to any number of clients at any time

Schedule annual notifications to your clients to check and update if required

Track which clients have completed the form and chase up those who haven't

Full access to the form at any time

E-signed to confirm that submitted details are correct and accurate


Your system simply must record this in an effective and efficient manner. This is a time intensive process and by using the Omiga system you can reap the rewards of improved efficiency.


Easily manage your AWR obligations

This series of posts has demonstrated how we’ve updated our Omiga system to fully comply with the Agency Workers Regulations. We’ve worked closely with our biggest agency clients to ensure that our system meets all the requirements and exceeds in delivering usability and efficiency.

If you’re an agency looking to easily manage your AWR obligations, contact us today. The close relationship we have formed by continuously working and updating Omiga puts us ahead of other developers and gives us a unique understanding of your requirements.

For more information, please see our Staffing Recruitment Software or AWR Legislation Software pages.





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