Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations - Part 2

Agency Workers Regulations Part 2: Alerting Your Clients

In Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations, Tracking Your Workers, we discussed the ramifications of the new regulations and how they might affect your agency management systems. Part 1 focused on tracking your workers using our updated management system.


Alerting Clients when a Worker Qualifies for AWR benefits

The AWR stipulates that it is the agency or recruiters’ responsibility to keep track of a workers qualification status. It is also your responsibility to alert clients when a worker qualifies and to have available a summary of the benefit entitlements that will be available to them.

Furthermore in the event of a dispute, it is down to the agency to show that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure the client was notified.

It’s clear that AWR management systems need to do more than keep simple records. A helpful system must keep track of entitlements and benefits, it should notify you when action is required and help you to take it, here’s one example.


Alerting Your Clients when a Worker Qualifies

Helpful enough to include triggers prompting automatic emails to be sent upon qualification but flexible enough to accommodate variations and individual needs.

A typical agency will take many repeat or regular bookings, these are often filled by the same staff.

Staff placed in these bookings will quickly qualify for AWR benefits so you will want to alert your client, but you will not want to send alerts out every week thereafter. Our system has this flexibility built in.

It will record every notification email you send out in a secure database, providing a full correspondence history should you need it.


See Our System in Action

Management Software for Agency Workers Regulations

AWR Alert Screen

This is a booking confirmation screen. It shows that this worker qualifies for the AWR benefits in this role, and accordingly the option to send out confirmation emails.

As you can see with this system managing entitlement qualifications for your staff under the Agency Workers Regulations is simple and straightforward, it's done for you.

It's easy to see who qualifies and it's easy to notify the clients. Everything is kept on record. At your finger tips, you’ll have a complete client work history, for every member of staff, whenever you need it.


Coming up in Part 3

The conclusion to our series on the AWR: keeping track of offered benefits. As an agency, you need to keep a record of the benefits your workers qualify for. Find out how our system handles this and how it can save your agency time and money.




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