Is Link Building Still Important?

Link building is the process of exchanging links with other websites in order to increase the number of links coming to your website. The number and more importantly quality of links coming to your website is an important ranking factor in Google and other search engines. 

Having a good quality link network shows that other websites see your information as important and worth adding a link to their website. 

How Link Building Used to Work

In the past it was all about numbers, the more links you can get pointing to your website the better and where those links came from didn’t really matter. This led to a lot of people adding there website to directories, commenting on forums with links to their website and link exchange programs where companies could pay for a link on websites which were basically a collection of links. All of these practices were fine as it wasn’t down to the owner of the website to control the quality of its inbound links.

Google soon realised that this was happening and it wasn’t the best way to determine site rankings. 

How Things Are Today

Google now places the responsibility of the link profile on the owner of the website to mange monitor and make sure no links are placed on toxic websites. This means website owners need to keep a close eye on domains that are referring traffic to their site.

Having a large number of toxic links to your website will damage the authenticity of your site; Google is then less likely to rank your website for relevant keywords which can be catastrophic for your business. 

Links are still a really important ranking factor for Google but it many ways it is more about the quality of the link rather than the quantity. 

How to Gain Quality Links

So we have established quality links are important to Google but how do you gain quality links to your site? After utilising all of your connections, one of the key ways is through natural link building by creating sharable content. A good piece of content can be shared on social media, picked up by bloggers and industry experts, naturally building quality links to your website.

Find out more about content in our blog post Content is Key. 

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