Increasing Organic Click Through with Google Star Ratings

Customer reviews are a powerful tool for establishing trust, enhancing conversions and helping SEO. It’s a no brainer why these have become so important for eCommerce sites and a good set of customer reviews will do wonders for your site.

However, it amazes us how many times we see customer reviews poorly implemented on sites, where businesses don’t reap 100% of their potential. One of the most common areas we see that isn’t implemented well is the star rating.


Star ratings on customer reviews

Specifically, when talking about the star rating, we’re talking about the rating that each reviewer will give a product or service. This isn’t necessarily in the form of a star (it could be a number, text or any other form of rating) but will determine the score that the reviewer applies in the review.

Using this effectively can be a great benefit to your search results and can increase click through rates for your product pages.

You may have seen in Google results when searching for products that star ratings are sometimes included directly on the results page. See below:

Increasing organic click through with star ratings in Google

These star ratings come from the reviews on the product page. They represent the average review score as calculated from the reviews left on each product page. This has two main advantages:

    1. It can give users a good impression about your product or service before they have even landed on the page.


  1. They can appear bolder, bigger and more eye catching than competitors, which can lead to more click through.

Data suggests that most companies will see a 20-30% rise in click through from search results that display star ratings like this. Not only that, but these clicks are more likely to stay on the pages longer as they know what to expect before clicking on the click – another big positive.


How to get star ratings to appear in Google for my site

Star ratings like those in the screenshots above won’t come automatically. Whilst it’s possible that Google could crawl your reviews and extract value from them; we’ve never seen the result pages update with star ratings without applying the needed code.

Basically, in order to give your site a chance of displaying results like this, you’ll need to ensure your customer reviews are encoded with rich snippets. This involves editing code and can be tricky for sites that are using custom or specific customer review systems, as it will most likely involve editing templates; which is not for the average user.

The benefits of deploying rich snippets are obvious for you to see and will help your listings in search. Combined with other rich snippets like product encoding and special offers, you can really make your products stand out against your competition and see your click through rates soar.


Customer reviews on your site

Customer reviews are becoming a critical component to all eCommerce sites and the increased visibility that can be gained through Google is something that you should not miss out on.

If your site isn’t taking advantage of customer reviews or rich snippet encoding to generate attractive listings in Google, then you should consider our customer feedback system. Alternatively, you can contact us today on 03330 220 990 and we can discuss the best way to enhance your site.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Jun 18th 2012 @ 1:23 PM


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