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How to Rank in Google Image Search

A third of all Google searches are images, so it’s important to make sure that you’re not only optimising for Google search but Google Images too. We’ve put together a few tips of how you can make sure your site is fully optimised for Google Images. 

1. Image Alt Attributes

Images have alt attributes, this is a piece of text associated with the image that acts as an alternative if the image isn’t visible due to an issue on the site or for visually impaired users. The image alt attribute is one of the key ways that a search engine determines what the image is, it’s important that images have alt attributes that accurately describe what is depicted. Stuffing image alt attributes with keywords is an old SEO practice which is no longer beneficial and can be seen as spam by Google.

2. Image File Names

The file name of an image is something that websites often fail to optimise; all too often images will be named with codes that mean nothing to potential customers. Naming image files correctly helps them rank in Google image searches as often the image URL is based on the file name. Make sure if you add images to your site the name of the file is related to the image depicted.

3. Page Title  and Content Surrounding the Image

The context of the image is also important; this includes the title of the page and the content surrounding the image. All of these must be relevant for the image to rank well in Google Images. When looking for an image for your website page make sure you pick an image that fits in with the content on that page.  

4. Image Caption

An image caption is a great way to add more content to an image, this helps Google decide where to rank the image in Google Images. Adding a relevant image caption that describes the image in context will increase the likelihood that the image is considered by Google. 

These are just a few of the important ways you need to optimise your site to rank in Google Images as well as Google Search. 

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