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High Quality Content

Over the last few years, Google has made it quite clear that 'high quality content' is beneficial to a site's ranking. However, Google has never offered much in the way of advice as to how we can create it, until now.

Last month, Google's Developer Relations Group released five separate guides that are all aimed at helping content creates to create their own 'high quality content'. These guides are available for anyone to view online, we'll add the links at the bottom of this page for you.

Although these guides were only released last month, the majority of the ideas and strategies they cover are those that were already widely accepted and used by content creators. Those ideas being that 'high quality pages' are a combination of high-quality code, content and user experience. We've taken a look at the guides and have picked out what we feel are some of the more interesting and valuable ideas from the guides:

For Content Creators

- Use a friendly, informal tone, but keep it to the point.
- Try to come across as knowledgeable.
- Use standard spelling, grammar, capitalisation and punctution for your region.
- Use clear, concise, and simple sentences that get the key points across to the reader.
- Ensure your link text is descriptive, rather than using 'click here'.
- Use words and short sentences that are likely to translate well to other languages.
- Ensure any outbound links are to sites that are considered to be 'high quality content'.

For Developers

- Consider SVG files or optimised .png files with ALT text.
- Use tables and lists correctly.
- Include or when appropriate; is for items of importance and is for visual emphasis.
- Select HTTPS for embedded resources.
- For HTML templates, use HTML5 in UTF-8 without byte order marks.
- Consider 3 character haxedecimal notations, rather than 6, for colours.
- Use HTML for structure and CSS for visual style.

The Links

Google Style Guide
Jave Style Guide
JavaScript Guide


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Posted by: Harvey Griffiths on October 16th, 2017 @ 11:27 AM

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