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Google Search Algorithm Freshness Update

Google has recently announced an update to their ranking algorithm which aims to promote the latest (or “freshest”) information in the search results. They understand that many search queries, while not explicitly implying it, are usually looking for the latest up to date information. An example provided by Google is searching for the term “Olympics”, which is most likely to be querying something about the 2012 games.

Their latest algorithm update is trying to address this issue and present more fresh results where relevant. An estimated 35% of all search terms are likely to be affected by this update; meaning any fresh and new content could receive a significant boost in rankings if it is relevant and well targeted.

This obviously presents a huge opportunity for increasing traffic to your site by creating new and fresh content on a regular basis. As confirmed by Search Engine Land, one of the methods Google uses to confirm freshness is by when the page was first crawled. This suggests that one of the factors will be newly created pages and not changes to existing ones – so it’s important to create new content (pages) regularly in order to benefit.


How does this affect my site?

If you do nothing, then this update is unlikely to affect you. However, you will be missing out on opportunities to receive more traffic and rank for more keywords. By creating relevant, well constructed content, you are likely to benefit from this update by seeing pages indexed quicker and ranking higher. It’s also probably safe to assume that producing fresh content more regularly will encourage Google to crawl your site more often.


How can I take advantage of this?

Google has specified different areas which are likely to benefit from this freshness update; for example, current affairs. But, if you’re not a news site, don’t worry. There will be other areas where benefits will be seen. Take reviews of new products – if you’re looking for a review of a product, you’ll probably want a review of the latest version and not last year’s model, so this is a good area to target with fresh content.

Implementing an idea like above is simple – get a blog. Blog’s are excellent ways of creating new content and encouraging discussion. They blend well with social elements too, so this would be an effective and actionable way of providing fresh content to both site visitors and Google (contact us for one!)


What fresh content should I create?

Regardless of this update, adding new content to a site is a great way to improve keyword targeting and attract more visitors. Therefore, you should think about the type of content you could create that will be beneficial to your visitors (and also target keywords you want to rank for).

Some ideas include:

These are just some very brief ideas. With some creative thinking, you can easily discover many ways of creating fresh and interesting content to take advantage of this new update. If you think of any, feel free to leave a comment. ;)


Next steps...

To receive a bespoke, tailored solution for how your site could take advantage of the Google Freshness Algorithm update, don’t be afraid to contact us. We can provide you with a bespoke, comprehensive blog solution that will allow you to fully take advantage of this algorithm update or develop a content strategy that is right for you. Contact us today on 0800 081 1688.


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November 21st, 2011 @ 4:35 PM Laur A. Bundberg

This may actually be a good update because sometimes I find on top results from 2008

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