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Google Product Feed Optimisation

If you’re selling products online then there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a Google Product feed set up. So, the next question is: are you taking full advantage of your Google Product feed?

The obvious answer is yes, right? You’ve got a product feed set up, what more is there to it? This is a common mind set, but how much traffic entered your site through this feed? And better yet, how many of these visitors made a purchase?


Are you missing sales with a poorly optimised Google Product Feed?

These are the two questions that really matter and will give you the most to think about, but do you have the answers? The likely answer is no, which means how can you tell if your feed is optimised? And how can you tell that you are not missing out on exposure and sales?

Anybody can set up a Google Product Feed. It’s deceivingly simple to do so, which is where the problem lies. Because it is so simple to set up, it is so often done in a way where you see little click through and even less sales. Many businesses will view Google Product Feeds as a set and leave job, where this is far from the truth.


Get your Google Product Feed optimised today!

A fully optimised Google Product Feed will:

   • Increase your product exposure in Google, for free.
   • Build brand awareness as your products are more visible.
   • Allow your products to rank for keywords your site may not.
   • Drive relevant search traffic that are more likely to buy to your product pages.
   • Increase sales!

So, are you 100% sure that your Google Product Feed is delivering the best results? Probably not.

A properly optimised Google Product Feed is a highly effective way of marketing your products online. If it’s not optimised, then get it done today! If you don’t have one.... Then better get moving fast, your competitors are already ahead of you (psst, contact us for one!)



Posted by: Spiderscope on October 20th, 2010 @ 5:08 PM

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