Google Image Search now has Videos

You can now find videos and even recipes that relate to your search query within a Google Images search, but only on mobile.

If you go ahead an search for an image on Google using your phone, you'll be forgiven for failing to notice anything different in the results Google returns back to you. Where are the videos? There are only images still, and definitely no recipes. A closer inspection to some of the results shows that all is not as it seems though!

As an example, we have performed a search for spaghetti bolognese (because it's lunch time and we're hungry, ok?). As mentioned above, on first inspection it appears that all the results are images, as you would normally expect.



Let's have a closer look at that first image.



So now it's a bit clearer what Google has done. They've effectively taken the general ideas and thoughts behind the featured snippets they now provide in web searches and applied them to your Google Images searches. 

The video "image" results employ a fairly similar format to the recipes, but rather than listing ingredients it gives you information such as how long it is, how many views the video has has, and how many comments there have been. 

How useful this new feature will end up being is anyone's guess right now, but at least you now know what it is and how it works!


If you have any more questions about the new Google Image Search features, or want to know how Spiderscope can help you implement them on your site, feel free to call us on 03330 220 990 or fill out our Online Contact Form for more information!

Posted by: Harvey Griffiths on Jul 19th 2017 @ 11:55 AM


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