Facebook Registration Tool

What is the Facebook Registration Tool?

Facebook has recently launched a new registration tool for site owners which will conveniently pre-populate fields on your sign up form with user data from Facebook. This extends to showing the user what information is being shared and also which friends are already signed up for the service.

This is an attractive feature to add to your sign up forms as it could potentially reduce the number of fields which need to be filled in; increasing the likeliness of registration from your users. The unique proposition of showcasing friends which have already signed up is another feature that will almost certainly help with converting site visitors.


How to implement the Facebook Registration Tool

The Facebook Registration Tool is implemented by adding the usual Facebook code to your mark up. What’s interesting is that it can be applied to any sized registration form – so you can easily add fields to cover information that Facebook won’t necessarily have; credit card details for example.

This type of functionality allows for visitors who are not registered with Facebook or do not wish to use their Facebook details to also use the same sign up form.


Admin the registration data

So, what effect does this have on your admin? Well, effectively once a user has completed your form the same data can be sent through as with your standard form that is in operation right now. With minimal modifications, there would be little, if any, extra admin work!


See the Facebook Registration Tool in action

Yelp is a site that is currently taking advantage of this tool. When signing up, if you’re already logged into Facebook then a number of fields are pre-populated. Take a look below:

Facebook Registration Tool

As you can see, the email field and birth date are already completed (with options to change if needed). Alongside this, the first name, last name and gender fields are also automatically populated with data from Facebook and removed altogether. (You can view how the default form looks by un-checking the tick box).

In this particular example, the sign up form only requires the user to enter and confirm a password and submit their postcode – dramatically cutting the amount of information and more importantly, time, needed to complete registration.


Integrate Facebook Registration on your forms today

Does this look like something your forms would benefit from? Of course – practically any eCommerce site would benefit from this tool, especially those that already have a social media presence.

For more information on how we can integrate Facebook tools onto your site, please contact us on 03330 220 990. Alternatively, see our Facebook Marketing Services or Social Media Marketing pages.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Dec 22nd 2010 @ 4:19 PM
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