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Enhanced Drink Driving Campaign leaves her Feeling Bubbly

Tracey Likes ChampagneA few weeks back we received a request from Rob Bimpson (www.trafficLawyer4u.com) to review and optimise his Ad Campaign. Rob, concerned that his site was starting to fall behind the competition, felt they were putting more effort into their Campaigns, especially those for drink driving and speeding.

We always do our best to respond quickly in these situations and this was no exception. Tracey called Rob to put his mind at rest and reassure him that we were taking immediate action.

"We're on the case, you'll just have to make sure you let us know if you're inundated with calls". Rob, relieved and satisfied countered "(laughing!) Thanks Tracey, if I'm inundated with calls I'll buy you a case of Champagne".

Nick got straight to work preparing a revised mutli-point strategy for the Campaign and carrying out agreed amendments, shortly thereafter the Ads were back on top, performing better than ever. At the same time we made some revisions to improve organic results for Dangerous Driving Offences and this is now achieving a Page 1 listing on Google.

Did it work? You bet! Here's a clearly delighted Tracey with the promised case of Champers, which arrived early on Saturday morning.

I'm sure she's going to share (some of) it with Nick, who'll no doubt be putting in even more effort than usual having received this sparkling gift.

Finally of course it's Cheers to Rob Bimpson and trafficLawyer4u.com.



Posted by: Gerry on August 9th, 2010 @ 2:32 PM

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August 9th, 2010 @ 3:14 PM Gerry

One for Nick; You'd better hurry up and claim your bottle, while it's still there to be claimed!

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