Click Bait – Does it really work?

You’ve all seen the articles when browsing the web that instantly grab your attention because of the catchy, intriguing and sometimes controversial title. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid Click Bait we’ve gathered a few examples from around the web to help you out:


What’s the purpose of Click Bait?

What's the purpose of Click Bait?
To get clicks of course, considering it more detail the majority of these sites aren’t concerned with engagement or selling their services to potential customers they simply want more clicks. Clicks can earn them revenue from the ads on their site.  

Do People Click?

Yes yes  and yes, as much as we hate to admit it catchy headlines do encourage us to click and  find out “what facts about coconuts will change your life forever” even knowing the article is going to be a hash of content taken from around the web, we just can’t help ourselves. Not to mention we share them too, creating more buzz and encouraging more people to click. 

Should we all be writing Click Bait articles?

Unless your goals are simply to get clicks and you have no interest in user engagement then yes, go ahead and write about things that will change people’s lives forever. But for the majority of businesses click bait isn’t going to help, it may inflate your site visits but it isn’t likely to lead to sales or interest in your services, and worse you could end up annoying potential customers discouraging them to buy from you. 

What can we learn from Click Bait?

The key to Click Bait is catchy titles and lacking content, where most businesses can learn is through the catchy titles. A catchy title backed up by good content encourages shares and can increase visits to a site resulting in increased brand awareness and ultimately sales. Emails are another prime example of where a great subject line makes all the difference, taking ideas from Click Bait could help your marketing emails stand out.

So remember, back up your Click Bait titles with great original content and you’ll be on to a winner.

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