Centralised Order Management Including Amazon and eBay

Many eCommerce websites will expand to sell their products in a number of different marketplaces, including the likes of eBay and Amazon. Getting your products in front of as many people as possible is obviously one good way of increasing sales, and these marketplaces offer huge opportunities to do just that.

While the opportunities for increased sales are definitely enticing and real, expanding to cover such channels can lead to unexpected headaches in the way you manage your orders and accounts.

Entering a new marketplace means playing by their rules, especially when it comes to following the processes they put in place. This can increase the complexity of not only your order fulfilment process, but also your accounting and customer management processes.

In most cases, it’s a complicated judgement on how to introduce these new processes to your business. If this is wrong, it can result in many more hours wasted on admin tasks, rather than work that increases your profit.


What options are available for businesses?

Many businesses are unaware that you don’t have to completely manage your orders and accounts directly through these marketplaces. In fact, many will allow you to export and import changes in bulk, which means you can lift out your order processing, accounts and customer management and bring it to your own, in house system.

For example, we have developed a system that allows for products to be managed through a central admin system, with any updates proliferated through to external marketplaces. I.e. if you had an eCommerce site, you could update a price on this and our system would automatically adjust the price of your eBay listing.

This type of automation and synchronisation can save hours and hours over the course of a year. In the situation above, a five minute job quickly escalates to a 30 minute job when you have to update your eCommerce site, eBay listings, Amazon products and any other marketplaces.


Manage your business how you want

The initial investment for a system like this pays for itself in time saved through the alternative of managing all market places individually. While you may want individual prices, descriptions and options per marketplace; it’s unlikely that the way you handle orders or accounts will change depending on where the item was sold.

It is therefore beneficial to bring this into a centralised and unified system. This will have the immediate benefits of:

  • Centralised order management – never miss or delay order fulfilment again

  • Keep your existing processes in place for managing orders and accounts

  • Less chance of mistakes happening as staff are using the same systems they always have

  • Snapshot of all business activity in one location – no need to log into multiple accounts

The main benefit is the cost savings that is made through reduced admin. These can be significant over the course of a year and will allow for your business to grow and scale effectively; resulting in more profits over time.


Customise your system for improved efficiency

We have helped customers achieve this with our integrated marketplace systems. Whether you have an existing system or are new and looking for retail website development, it can really benefit to consider how to integrate all your channels effectively.

In addition, the systems we can supply are highly configurable so they can match your processes exactly. You won’t have to change to match the system; our development will ensure that the system works for you in the most cost effective way.


Centralised management for your business

Moving your admin into a centralised location is a great efficiency gain and is suitable for growing businesses looking to expand. If you’re looking to manage multiple marketplaces from one location and increases productivity, then contact us today on 03330 220 990 to discuss your requirements.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Jul 3rd 2012 @ 1:32 PM


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