Can Facebook Help Grow My Business?

Facebook is the biggest social network site worldwide, with 1,871 Million active users in January 2017, but how can social media sites like Facebook help businesses like yours get more customers? Take a look at our 4 reasons how below:

1. Check-ins

Facebook offers users the ability to check- in when they are visiting a company, restaurant, gym and pretty much anywhere. When Facebook users check-in to your business it appears on their friends news feed, spreading awareness of your business to a wider audience. Encourage your customers to check-in when they visit your business and you might find new customers walking through your door.

2. Reviews 

Reviews are a great way to reassure potential customers they are in safe hands. To a potential consumer trusted reviews from friends are even more valuable. When customers review your services on Facebook it will show on their friends timelines so they can also see the feedback. This is great for increasing the awareness of your brand but do be careful not all reviews are positive, if you receive a negative review we advise apologising and taking the conversation offline, this will allow the issue to be resolved without further public backlash against your business. 

3. Promoted Posts

Facebook offers a number of different ways to pay to advertise to its huge pool of users, often without paying for your content to be seen it can go unnoticed by a huge proportion of your Facebook fans. Promoted posts are a cheap way to get your content seen by your target audience; you can define who see’s the post and put as little as a couple of pounds into promoting one of your posts, events or products. Online paid advertising can often be confusing, expensive and timely to set up, Facebook promoted posts are a simple great way to push an event or offer. 

4. Customer Interaction

Interacting with customers has never been easier and having a business Facebook account makes this even less stressful for both the customer and the business. Facebook messenger is the new online chat facility and its free, customers can ask quick questions before deciding if to visit your premises buy online or come to an event, giving reassurance and improving your customer service.

Still not convinced? Take a look at your Google Analytics stats and view how many referrals your website currently gets from Facebook, you might find that without a social media page people are still checking in, reviewing your business and sharing links to your website.

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Posted by: Spiderscope on Apr 10th 2017 @ 12:23 AM


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