Blog Importance - The In's and Out's

Could a Blog Really Improve my SEO Performance? A Spiderscope Blog Story.

A lot of companies have blogs these days, but do they actually help? Are you missing out on potentially increasing the traffic on your site, or is the whole thing a bit over-rated?

As of June 2017, there is an estimated 50 billion web pages indexed on Google alone. So how can you get your share?  We'll look at three reason’s as to why a blog is a great way to help improve your search rankings.

Fresh Content

The aim of all search engines is to provide useful and meaningful information that is relevant to the users search query. In algorithmic terms, this is known as Query Deserves Freshness (QDF). New content is favoured over old content, especially content related to trending news or events. Generally, search engines interpret recent updates as the site having more relevance then a site that hasn't been updated in months. So a site which is regularly updating their content, through use of blog posts or other means, will rank more favourable in the search rankings.


Keyword Targeting and Coverage

The foundation to any good search engine optimisation campaign are your keywords. Yet these simple words and phrases are often the most misused of SEO tactics. Often used excessively throughout content, and sometimes even displayed in a way that made them viable to web crawlers, but invisible to anyone who viewed the page, all in an attempt to outrank their competitors.

Blogs provide you with the ideal platform to target a wide variety of keywords relating to your target market, and help you build appropriate content around them. You can create pages about current trends and events, which will allow you to naturally incorporate these words into your content. 

Increased Pages and Larger Site

Google's Matt Cutts has gone on record several times to say that larger sites, with more indexed pages, are not favoured by Google. However, this doesn't mean having a larger site isn't beneficial. Having more pages allows you to have more content that can be found through searches.

A blog allows you to increase the number of pages on your site, which gives you an opportunity to be ranked for more keywords, target a wider audience and to engage more visitors. You will naturally have more links to guide people around your site, improving engagement, and you will also have more information that other sites can link to, establishing authority through backlinks. Every new page on your site, be it a blog page or not, is a chance at ranking well for a given search terms or keyword.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Jun 27th 2017 @ 11:06 AM


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