Bespoke Vs Off-The-Shelf Websites

We often talk to our customers about the importance of having a bespoke website but what is a bespoke website and how does this differ from the alternative an off-the-shelf website?

An off-the-shelf website is built using a pre-designed theme. Themes allow users to change the appearance and functionality of the website without changing the website content. Some examples of off-the-shelf platforms are: Word Press, Joomla and Drupal.

A bespoke website is built from scratch, designed around your needs, and looks and feels unique. At Spiderscope we only develop bespoke website and here’s why:


Off-the-shelf websites are more prone to security attacks. One of the reasons off-the-shelf websites are more venerable is due to the way they are built, anyone is able to access the code and from this they can get a good idea of how the website works, this information then makes it much easier for hackers to gain access and control of the website

A bespoke website is more secure as every website is unique, this helps to prevents hackers getting to your customers personal data. That’s not to say bespoke websites are completely secure, no website is, but you’re much less likely to face common hacking attempts with a bespoke site.

Bespoke Functions

Each of our bespoke websites are built to meet your individual needs, so you can select the systems and functions you need, whether this is just a simple content management system to update the website or integration with eBay, Amazon, Facebook or a shopping cart. The great thing about a bespoke website is that you can update and add functions as your business and website grows. 

Unique Design

The beauty of a bespoke website is the ability to customise the design in every aspect. Off-the-shelf websites are based on choosing an appropriate theme to match your content. A bespoke website helps you stand out from the competition with a unique look tailored to your business. 

Bespoke Customer Support

A key thing with website management is the ability to promptly rectify any issues to stop customers having problems accessing your website or buying products online. With a bespoke website you will get customer support from the developers that build the website. The developers have in-depth knowledge of the website, so you get any issue quickly addressed and fixed unlike an off-the-shelf website where you may need to wait for an update to rectify any problems you are experiencing. 

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Posted by: Spiderscope on May 16th 2017 @ 09:45 AM


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