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Bespoke CRM Software and Customer Management Software

We had a client come to us looking for a customised CRM system. In the past, they had used other CRM software, but nothing truly fitted their exact needs. While the other software worked adequately, they knew they weren’t operating 100% efficiency with something not designed for them.


What were they looking for?

Our client was looking for a CRM system that:

While our existing CRM system could provide many of these features; further modifications were needed to match their requirements exactly. This is one of the advantages to our system – it’s flexible and extendable enough to fit a wide range of business needs and requirements.


Flexible and Efficient CRM Software

Many of the existing features in our CRM system already matched our clients’ requirements. For example:

1. Customers and prospects management
Our system allows you to quickly view customers and prospects, their details, main contacts, notes and who’s managing them all in one place. This includes tracking them through your sales funnel.

2. Automatic alert system
Automatic alerts are dispatched on a daily basis (configurable) to ensure your staff knows which customers need attention. This means that you’ll never again forget to chase any hot leads or prospects.

3. User scheduling
Manage your sales team and their priorities to maximise performance. At a glance you can see who’s working on what and their schedules.


Bespoke CRM Software

Despite our CRM software handling some of the requirements, we still had to expand to cater for specifics needs. This mainly focused around the service they offered, which was event management.

These needed to be managed much like customers. So for example, some requirements were:

The modular design of our CRM software allows for us to easily apply these customisations to deliver a truly bespoke offering to our client.

Furthermore, the client also needed the ability to quote and invoice events directly through the CRM software. This ensures that everything is managed in one central location, from initial contact, to quoting, to sale and to payment.

The new system matches the client’s needs exactly; providing all the advantages of CRM software tailored to their business needs at a reasonable price.


Get Your Bespoke CRM Software

Are you looking to efficiently manage your sales and operations in union? As demonstrated above, our CRM software is perfect for meeting this goal. Contact us today on 0800 081 1688 to discuss your requirements in detail.



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