10 eCommerce optimisation and marketing tactics you need to know!

If you’re selling online, then you are likely to be considering how to increase sales and profit further. Many of our customers are looking for the same but they are sometimes blind to what they could be doing to achieve the sales they want.

We have written this post below to give you some ideas on what you can be doing to increase your online sales.


1. Sell on eBay

If you’ve already got an online inventory of products then an easy way to expand is to sell on other market places. eBay is the obvious choice as it is huge, easy to get started with and can deliver results very quickly.


2. Sell on Amazon

Likewise with eBay above, Amazon is another huge market place where your products could prosper. Amazon is usually little harder to get setup on, but once you’ve jumped through the hoops you usually find that you can sell at a higher price than eBay and see a better conversion rate too.


3. Provide free shipping

Free shipping is a huge incentive for many customers. In fact, some studies have shown you can achieve better conversion rates with slightly higher prices and free shipping vs lower pricing and paid for shipping.

There’s also a number of ways to offer free shipping. For example, you can set a minimum order value before you offer free shipping. This can have the added benefit of increased average order values as customers add more items to qualify for free shipping.


4. Routine and scheduled email marketing

Email marketing is hugely important for driving sales and is often the most influential marketing channel for driving online sales. Despite this, many people we talk to don’t have a set routine or schedule for email marketing and tend to send newsletters whenever they feel like.

Setting a routine and sticking to it can result in a large rise of conversions if implemented correctly.


5. Create inspirational pages

The possibilities here vary depending on what you sell, but many eCommerce sites will be a simple list of products. Go one step further and create pages that showcase your products in use or in their setting. For example, a home décor site might create a page showing off a room decorated in their products.

This will create desire from your visitors and when combined with easy access to the products, it can result in more sales.


6. Bundle products into groups

Combing similar or complementary products into groups can be very attractive to your visitors, especially if there are incentives for buying a bundle over a single item (e.g. a small discount).

Many eCommerce sites will list singular products, but if you can group your products together to create bundles; you can reap the rewards.


7. Add personalisation

Personalisation is the next big thing in eCommerce but it doesn’t have to be hugely costly or expensive. There are many personalisation features you can add to your site, including:

  • Recommended products based on previous browsing history
  • Cart abandonment emails to retain potential lost orders
  • Product viewing history so visitors can easily see which products they’ve looked at
  • Promotions targeting the source of the visitor (i.e. an offer for Facebook visitors, etc)

And many more!


8. Cater for mobile / tablet traffic

Mobile and Tablet traffic is growing exponentially year on year. Many of your customers are likely to be browsing your site at prime time evening hours and these days its more likely to be done on a tablet.

Ensure your site is mobile and tablet friendly – a responsive design is recommended.


9. Regular promotions

Just like your email marketing, make sure your promotions are regularly updated, ideally to a set schedule. Doing this can encourage users to return to your site more regularly as they know new offers will be displayed.


10. Structured navigation

Finally, make sure your navigation is designed for ease of use. Mega menus are often used on sites now so that visitors can easily see all product groups from any single page.

This can be great for new users who don’t know all the different products you sell and can also be a great place to add promotional content.


eCommerce Optimisation and Marketing

This is only the start of what is possible with your eCommerce site. If you’d like more suggestions and proven strategies for improving your sales, contact Spiderscope today on 03330 220 990.

Posted by: Spiderscope on Jun 9th 2014 @ 4:02 PM


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