Provide FTP Access and File Download Facility to Customers

Provide FTP Access and File Download Facility to Customers

Sending large files by email can be difficult, a better solution is to use a dedicated file transfer or FTP site. Most casual users of the Internet are unfamiliar with FTP and not comfortable using it.

Our web based FTP application is easy to use. It will integrate seemlessly into your website and allow controlled access to download files. This example has been develped for AP Racing and is used to transfer technical drawings, CAD files, large PDF files and other documents to their customers and suppliers.

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1) Login
The process starts at the admin login screen, login using your email address and assigned password.

2) Select Recipient
There are two possibilites at this point either; Choose an existing customer or user by selecting from the list of accounts shown or enter their name and email address in the boxes provided.

3) Select individual user
If you've selected an existing customer account this screen allows you to select the individual that you're making the files available to.

4) Select Files
Load and choose the files you'd like to make available. Any number of files can be selected from the list displayed.

5) Email instructions sent to recipient
Instructions containing a link to FTP area are sent to the selected recipient by email.

6) Recipient Visits Site to download files
The recipient has received the email, clicked the link and arrived at the FTP download area. All selected files are listed with an invitation to download.

7) Mission accomplished; Download in Progress
As each file is selected a regular Windows dialog box appears allowing the recipient to choose where the file should be saved.


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