AWR Software

AWR Software

The Omiga system, (our Staffing Recruitment Software) offers complete compliance with the Agency Workers Regulations. Agencies are required to monitor their staff and record when they are eligible for benefits, what those benefits are and then alert their clients. This is a big adjustment for most agencies and management of this manually is an incredibly difficult task.


Effective AWR Software

The Omiga system offers full compliance with the AWR, presenting an extremely comprehensive and easy to use solution. This includes:


Expert AWR developers

We have worked closely with agencies to ensure that our system is in compliance with the AWR. We believe the close relationship we share with our recruitment clients gives us an advantage over other web developers who are not familiar with these regulations. We know what is required and therefore can deliver the best solution to you.


More on the Agency Workers Regulations

We have blogged extensively on the AWR and how we’ve updated our system to work with these changes. These posts give an in-depth look at how our system works and can benefit your business. See:

Part 1: Tracking your Workers | Part 2: Alerting Your Clients | Part 3: Recording Client Benefits


Do you need to comply with the AWR?

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